Cool New Blog! Cool New Blog!

He's done my job for me

… well, not new, apparently, but certainly new to me. And certainly cool.

I stumbled upon Apropos of Something earlier this afternoon* while searching for a robot image to accompany my previous post; instead, I found this cornucopia of wonderfulness, which includes:

a series of hysterically recaptioned comic-book pages (check this one out; it’s absolutely marvelous in a child-of-the-seventies kind of way)

– a fun iPod music challenge (at which I did better than I expected)

a look at the Rocky movies that more or less functions as the evil twin of my own piece last week

… and plenty of other good stuff, including an essential Jones’ Holiday Soda taste test. Although I could have told him that Dinner Roll Soda was a guaranteed downward spiral, frankly.

This is the glory of the Google — you may not land precisely where you want to go, but you usually end up where you need to be.

(Yes, I know that’s a steal from Douglas Adams. Trust me, he’d be cool with it.)

* … yup, WordPress’ Java console is working properly again. For now.

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