Control Issues

Jackman WolverineYup, it’s Friday again. And though there’s only one major-studio contender opening this weekend, there’s some really great stuff in the margins.

Computer Chess: Andrew Bujalski’s latest is nothing like anything he’s done before, except that it’s entirely of a piece with his body of work. And it will make your eyes bleed.

Crystal Fairy: Americans don’t get much uglier than the ones played by Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman in Sebastián Silva’s Chilean road movie.

Fruitvale Station: Ryan Coogler’s dramatization of the last day in the life of Oscar Grant features some excellent storytelling — and a knockout performance from Michael B. Jordan, late of The Wire and Chronicle.

Mussels in Love: Yup, they’ll make documentaries about anything these days … though Rad suggests you might want to look elsewhere for your evening’s entertainment.

Rufus: Telefilm Canada’s latest case against its own worth is a dreadfully inept riff on Let the Right One In, if that movie wanted to be more like Twilight and also very, very stupid.

The To Do List: Speaking of dreadfully inept, Maggie Carey’s charmless excuse fior a raunchy teen comedy wastes a dozen game comic performers in the pursuit of, like, three solid laughs.

The Venice Syndrome: Venice is sinking — and dying — as Glenn discovers in this new documentary.

The Wolverine: James Mangold helps everyone’s favorite mutant get over that regrettable Origins movie with a new solo adventure — and puts his own awful Knight and Day behind him while he’s at it. John liked it.

There you are. Go forth and be entertained! I’ll be over here typing quietly, like always.

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