Complicated Women

After the anarchy of Holy Motors last week, today’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie lands on a more outwardly stoic picture: Alan J. Pakula’s Klute, a stylish thriller in which Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland are drawn together in more ways than one by the disappearance of a mutual acquaintance.

I’m oversimplifying, of course, but my guest does not: Nadia Litz, whose new film The People Garden opens for a limited run at the Lightbox tonight, brings a most impressive range of insight and interpretation to the show, examining the film and its leads from the angle of an actor-director.

It’s a really good conversation, and I’ve been sitting on it for months; I’m delighted to be able to put it into the world. Check it out wherever you get your podcast content — iTunes, Google PlayStitcher, or right from the SEMcast site — and enjoy it!

And maybe check out Nadia’s movie. Of the recent spate of creepy-Japanese-forest movies, it’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most … though that is, admittedly, a very low bar to clear.



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