Christmas Hangover

resizeLook, I know the holidays are hard for everybody, but that’s still no excuse for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies earning $54.5 million to stay atop the box-office charts for another week. You people are supposed to know better.

But I suppose, after spending hours or even days trapped indoors with friends and family, people just wanted an escape. Even so, “stabbing every button on the kiosk until a ticket comes out for something” is the only way I can explain Angelina Jolie’s dour, dull WWII drama Unbroken earning $47.3 million and Rob Marshall’s incompetent realization of Into the Woods pulling $45 million over the extended Christmas frame.

I mean, I can see people going to Into the Woods for the cast alone, but Unbroken perplexes me — unless people were under the impression that Jolie herself stars in it, maybe.

I dunno. People make dumb choices, I guess, and leave us despairing for a better world. Or at least better movies.

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