Christmas Casualties

We're not being paid enough for this, are we?I haven’t linked to many MSN Movies galleries in the last month or so, but don’t worry — we’ve been holding them in reserve for the holiday season, where they’ll be rolled out between now and the end of the year. Forethought!

And here’s one for you: The Worst Christmas Movies Ever, an assortment of terrible, horrible, no-good features that just happen to have seasonal themes. Yes, “Fred Claus” is on the list. No, “Surviving Christmas” isn’t. I still believe Ben Affleck knows exactly what he’s doing in that one.

And yeah, I left “Four Christmases” out. That one needs to marinate for another couple of years so we can see whether it’s truly awful, or just a mediocrity to be forgotten, like that road movie with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Patience is everything in this game.

One thought on “Christmas Casualties”

  1. I was surprised to see that you had included How the Grinch Stole Christmas in your collection of the 10 worst Christmas movies ever made.

    I thought this movie was well thought out; putting together a Dr. Seuss classic is a task in itself. Ron Howard did a wonderful job casting the characters and bringing the world of the Whoo’s to life. We all know that a story book looses a lot of its magic when it is taken to the big screen.

    I have to disagree with you on this one. I loved how the writers put the story of the Grinch together. The characters, the make up; and magical world Ron Howard brought to the screen was imaginative and engaging. I believe Theodore Geisel would have have been pleased!

    If I was to replace this movie with another on your worst top 10 list; it would be The Polar Express. This movie with Tom Hanks does not even come close to reflecting the warmth and anticipation captured in Chris Van Allsburg’s book.

    The movie went overboard on the character animation; not to mention the over abundant use of Tom Hanks. This film was way off base, with made up adventures and characters that did not exist in the book.

    This movie lost the magic of Christmas that made the book an award winning clasic. If you want to experience the true meaning I suggest you try and pick up the first issue with a copy of William Hurt narrating the story; only then will you experience the magic that The Polar Express has to offer.

    Kelly Miller-Gerlach
    Victoria BC Canada

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