Children of the Atom

My latest MSN DVD column is up, featuring Matthew Vaughn’s most entertaining “X-Men: First Class”. The disc won’t be available until Friday, but you go with the publication date you have, not the publication date you want.

Right, then. Back into TIFF I go …

9 thoughts on “Children of the Atom”

  1. We’ve gone over what to say to George when you see him, right? Same goes for Joseph Gordon-Levitt who exceeds the half my age + five quotient, thusly making me anything but a cougar for loving him.

  2. I wish I liked First Class as much as you did. I really wanted to, but (Fassbender’s performance aside) it fell very flat for me. I’ll still give it another chance on Blu-ray, though.

  3. On the subject of TIFF, I read today that all screenings will be preceded by a 4-minute film about 9/11. Is that correct? All screenings for the entire festival? I don’t think that I (or anyone else) will be able to bear watching something like that dozens of times over and over again. I understand wanting to make note of the anniversary, but that’s just kind of ridiculous.

  4. I cannot believe that is true. I know they had something planned for the anniversary, but screening the same thing over and over is just nuts. (Especially given the subject matter.)

    I’ve just looked through my press releases, and can’t find anything to that effect … where’d you hear about it?

  5. That was probably my biggest pet peeve during the fest, the incessant RBC ads. I mean, come on, world journalists need to see these 47 times in ten days? I found it to be an irritant. They should have removed those for press and industry.

  6. Here’s where I read it:

    Now it says: “To mark the 10-year anniversary, all festival screenings on Sept. 11 will be preceded by a four-minute film featuring directors and other industry professionals looking back on that day and its aftermath.”

    I think they edited in that “on Sept. 11” part after I read it the first time. That wasn’t there before. I can deal with it if it’s only on the 11th itself. I was worried it was going to run the whole festival.

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