Childhood’s End

I've come for your precious memories!No, I’m not talking about the passing of Arthur C. Clarke; he was 90, he lived a fine life, wrote some good books and changed the world with the whole geosynchronous satellite thing; that’s cool.

I’m just cynically appropriating one of his most recognizable titles to get you to look at my recent Sympatico/MSN movies column about ten failed family films … you know, stuff like “Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat”, which cynically appropriate a recognizable title to get people to see a terrible Mike Myers movie.

Sorry. I’m a jerk.

One thought on “Childhood’s End”

  1. I’d add ‘The Polar Express’ to that list. Supposedly a heartwarming family adventure, the movie’s glassy-eyed, soulless CGI automatons were creepy as hell.

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