Chasing Mr. Shiny

So the Oscar nominations are announced this morning, and I shall be spending my day running around Toronto pretending to care about them.

I’m currently booked on John Moore’s show on NewsTalk 1010 at 8:35 am, to do live commentary on the nominations as they’re announced — click the “Listen Live” button at the top right of the page to hear it —  and I’ll be appearing on CTV News Channel to provide slightly more coherent thoughts around 1:40 pm. (All times are EST.)

There’s also the likelihood that at least one other media organ will tap me for an opinion; I’ll update this page if I get the chance, but for the most current information on my whereabouts you should really be following me on Twitter. It’s not always easy to update this blog from my phone.

UPDATE! I’ve been interviewed for two more shows. I’ll be part of the Oscar packages at some point on Global National’s 6:30 pm newscast, and around 11:20 pm on CTV’s national broadcast. I’ll post links if I’m able; in the meantime, why not read my take on the nominations for the NOW Daily? There you go.

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