Changing Landscapes

The cover of this week's NOW Magazine, featuring an image of the Scarborough Bluffs.There’s no bonus SEMcast this week — look, if I put one out every Friday they wouldn’t be special! Hopefully the latest NOW What will be fun enough to make up for it; I spent an hour hanging out with Rad and his fellow Scarberians Odette Eccleston and Steph Hinds talking about the way the borough is changing in light of expansion and gentrification, and the things about it they hope won’t change any further. It’s on all the usual podcast platforms, and at the bottom of Rad’s cover story right here.

Also, there’s a new What to Watch page, which offers a broad-spectrum look at new VOD and streaming titles as well as a deeper dive than usual into the disc of the week, Criterion’s gorgeous World of Wong Kar Wai boxed set; you’ll also find an expanded version of my Invincible review and a stand-alone review of The Irregulars on the NOW site, because we’re nice that way.

And if you’ll excuse me, I have to put the final touches on tomorrow’s NOW Streaming newsletter. You’ve already subscribed, right? I put a lot of work into that!

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