Can’t Talk, Packing

Were any '70s rockers really this smooth?Tomorrow I head off to Los Angeles for a junket run — earthquake season’s over, right? — so I find myself speeding through a whole bunch of stuff today in order to get ahead of my deadlines. And yet there are still movies opening this weekend! Damn movies!

The Bounty Hunter“: Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston do the love-hate thing in Andy Tennant’s miserable romantic comedy. My review should be up any minute now, but you already know the deal, right? UPDATE: Linked!

“Cooking with Stella”: Newly arrived in Delhi, Canadian househusband Don McKellar finds himself squaring off against scheming housekeeper Seema Biswas in Dilip Mehta’s modest comedy of manners, which deserves points for confronting stereotypes but loses a few for being kind of dull. Susan and Jason were more forgiving.

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”: I have no idea what this is.

Hubble“: The latest IMAX space movie is worth seeing for the glorious views of distant galaxies, as captured by the titular telescope. The stuff about repair missions is just window dressing, really.

Repo Men“: It’s “Logan’s Run” with credit ratings instead of an age cap, but there’s enough meat (sorry) on Miguel Sapochnik’s dystopian action thriller to hold your attention, and Jude Law is solid in the lead. Audiences will be split on the ending, but I thought it was pretty savvy, myself.

“The Runaways”: Floria Sigismondi’s scrappy story of Joan Jett, Cherie Currie and the original girl-power movement is your basic rise-and-fall rock movie, with the “rise” part far more satisfying than the “fall”, thanks to Michael Shannon’s pop-eyed Kim Fowley. And the music’s pretty great, but you knew that already.

Right, that’s everything. I’ll check in with y’all later …

2 thoughts on “Can’t Talk, Packing”

  1. Those of us with 12-year-old boys in the house know “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, or at least, the original book form. No doubt I’ll be going to see the movie this weekend.

  2. re: “The Runaways”… I actually found the “fall” side much more intriguing. There were 40 solid minutes going through the second half. Overall, though: I emerged disappointed. Sigismondi should have called in help for her screenplay.

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