Brief Interactions with Lovely People

He's really not this creepy in personThe latest issue of NOW features my long-delayed interview with Kelly Reichardt, whose exquisite American drama “Wendy and Lucy” is finally opening tomorrow. Please give her a moment. There are a lot of movies coming out this weekend, but “Wendy and Lucy” is head and furry shoulders above them all.

Earlier this week, I spoke to Neil Gaiman; that interview is online now, too. No audio clips, regrettably; the recording was marred by someone’s Blackberry, which left stuttering blips on the track. (If you know a journalist, ask him or her about Blackberry audio interference sometime. Expect some tears.)

And finally, here’s a fine bit of news: Several months after leaving A Voce, my very talented friend Andrew Carmellini has finally found a new home … and a rather well-placed benefactor.

I expect they’ll tie the opening to the start of the Tribeca Film Festival in April … time to book another trip to New York!

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