Bourne to Win

So “The Bourne Legacytopped the box-office over the weekend, letting “The Dark Knight Rises” cede the top spot to another action franchise with real-world implications. Kind of an elegant handoff, when you think about it … though it should be noted that it was really more of a one-two punch, with the $40.3 million gross of “Legacy” and the $27.4 million take of “The Campaign” combining to knock the Bat-grosses down to just $19.5 million. Which is in no way a disappointing number for a blockbuster in its fourth week of release; this thing’s proving to be almost as much of a monster as “The Dark Knight”, heading for the same $400 million domestic gross.

And though “Legacy” opened considerably lower than the $69.3 million first-weekend high of the previous, Damonized chapter, “The Bourne Ultimatum” , it’s still encouraging for Jeremy Renner’s future with the franchise. Really, after being so helpful to the “Mission: Impossible” and Marvel series, doesn’t the guy deserve his own thing?

I mean, think he does. Someone get on that.

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