Bound for Glory?

Linebackers can be nerdy, too!With the Golden Globes tomorrow night and “Crazy Heart” opening yesterday, it seems like the right time for an MSN Movies gallery about actors who’ve played musicians, and how those performances did or didn’t work as Oscar bids.

Some clarification here, re. the whole “Crazy Heart” thing: I think Jeff Bridges is a lovely man, and I don’t blame him one bit for the incessant awards buzz around his very good performance in a fairly generic film.

I honestly believe he doesn’t give a crap whether he wins or not, or even whether he gets nominated; it seems to be a management thing that’s taken on a momentum of its own as the film has opened.

So if you’re wondering whether to see the movie, read my review and make an informed choice, by all means, but don’t confuse the packaging with the content.

And light a candle for the late, great Dewey Cox, who never got half the respect he deserved as an artist. Damn shame, that was.