Blue Makes Green

C'mon back to my pad, baby ... I'm loadedWith the $47.7 milion opening of “Megamind” this weekend, it won’t be long before some wag declares that we live in a post-“Avatar” age of enlightenment, or something — and that by that logic, “The Smurfs” will conquer the box-office next year.

Yeah, sorry, there’s a “Smurfs” movie coming next year. That wheezing sound you heard was my soul throwing up a little.

Anyway, yes, the expensive CG cartoon topped the box office, surprising no one. “Due Date” was second with a respectable $33.5 million, and Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” came in third with $20.5 million despite some of the worst reviews I’ve read all year … but then, if bad reviews had any effect on Tyler Perry’s movies, he would have been stopped around his third Madea picture.

Deserve, as they say, got nothing to do with it.