Why won't you love me? Why?Sorry for the lateness of today’s post; I’ve been waiting for my Sympatico/MSN DVD column to go online, but obviously something’s holding it back this afternoon.

Instead, I’ll throw to another of the site’s columnists: Sean Francis Condon, who writes the surprisingly cheerful “Random Sampling of Things I Hate” column … and who, it turns out, has my back on the whole state-of-Canadian-film thing.

With the big party for Canada’s Top Ten just a couple of days away, and “Passchendaele” and “Blindness” set to hit DVD stores in the next couple of weeks, it seems like something people ought to read.

3 thoughts on “Blogrolling”

  1. Hey, Norm… Didn’t know you’d seen the column. And, not to sound too gladhanding about it – though, no doubt, this will – thanks for being the messenger in the crosshairs on this issue.

    And, Josh, sorry… I don’t even own a thesaurus. For some reason, I talk that way. I don’t take offence. People still think I talk funny.

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