Blasts from the Past

You see, Marty, when something is 'inviolate' ...If it’s Saturday, it must be time to link to my latest MSN Movies gallery. (You guys dont think I’m falling into a rut here, do you?)

This week, in the wake of the new “Karate Kid” and “A-Team” movies, we consider a few other ’80s properties that are ripe for remaking, and suggest some casting ideas. This is not to be taken seriously, of course; I’m really just throwing these ideas out in the hopes that any producer types who see them will realize just how pointless a new version of “Top Gun” would be.

Although I will say that reuniting the cast of “Weekend at Bernie’s” a few decades later could be perversely interesting, like those wheezy comedies Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau cranked out in their golden years. Silverman and McCarthy, together again ..