“Big deal, she rides the whale.”

The above is the single greatest review I have ever read of Niki Caro’s “Whale Rider”, as written in an e-mail by Mark Peranson way back when.

I mean, not only is that a witty and perfectly calibrated dismissal of exactly the sort of faux-inspirational underdog movie “Whale Rider” is, but it also spotlights the phoney suspense of its premise; they wouldn’t have called it “Whale Rider” if it didn’t haveĀ someone riding a whale in it.

Anyway, I’m introducing “Whale Rider” tonight at Harbourfront, and I guess I’m working through all my spittle here so I don’t make fun of it too badly on the night. But come down anyway — around 9 pm, shall we say? — so you can hear me discuss the film in a larger context I haven’t yet thought of yet, and do my terrible but extremely funny impersonation of plucky young Keisha Castle-Hughes.

Also, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” opens today. My review will be in the paper tonight, but … brrr.

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