Big Bad, Small Good

I’ve never understood why it happens, but every year in the middle of the summer there’s this one week where a whole bunch of wonderful films just spill out into commercial release after kicking around the festival circuit. And this week is that week, and even better, they’re all here to give us an alternative to The Lion King!

Take my hand. Let’s explore.

The Art of Self-Defense: Jesse Eisenberg learns karate, oversteps bounds.

The Farewell: Family saga with heart, smarts, Awkwafina.

The Lion King: Who wanted this? Who wants this?

Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies: A history of state-sponsored horseshit. [Kelly]

Push: Housing is a human right.  Here’s why. [Sam]

Roads in February: A small, lovely drama about family.

Sword of Trust: Lynn Shelton’s back; Marc Maron’s remarkable.

Oh, and TIFF announced its opening-night gala title yesterday, a documentary about Robbie Robertson pitched squarely at the aging boomers that sit on the boards of their major corporate sponsors. So that ticks a few boxes, I guess.

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