Be Like Bear

Not planning to binge on Canada’s Top Ten this weekend? Well, there’s other stuff to see.

Aida’s Secrets: Filmmakers Alon and Shaul Schwarz untangle the story of two brothers separated at birth — and by the legacy of the Holocaust. They loved it at Hot Docs last year.

The Commuter: At no point does Liam Neeson punch a train, which is a slight disappointment. And Jaume Collet-Serra’s latest high-concept actioner never quite matches Non-Stop‘s giddy panic. But it’s a fun couple of hours.

Happy End: Michael Haneke’s latest, about a family in Calais dealing with more than their share of bougie discontent, occasionally feels like it was written by throwing some index cards at a wall … but Isabelle Huppert, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Louis Trintignant and hey-that’s-Toby-Jones all came to play.

Mountain: Kevin is not terribly impressed by Jennifer Peedom’s look at mountaineering culture. I have not seen it myself, but he’s usually pretty perceptive about these things.

Paddington 2: Okay, we don’t need a sequel to Paul King’s wonderful family film. But he made this one too, and honestly it’s just as much of an eccentric, inspirational delight. Plus, Hugh Grant. And Brendan Fecking Gleeson.

Proud Mary: There was no press screening for what sure looks like a remake of Gloria starring Taraji P. Henson. The director’s last film was the godawful London Has Fallen, so I am not exactly stoked for this. 

Eh, it’s going to be a cold and miserable weekend. Go see the little bear.

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