Be Kind, Rewind

Surprises are nice things. So here’s a special Friday bonus episode of Someone Else’s Movie, in which The Sandwich Nazi director Lewis Bennett brings Stand By for Tape Back-Up to the show.

It’s a most welcome choice; I loved Ross Sutherland’s remarkable VHS mixtape when I saw it at the 2015 edition of Hot Docs — the same festival at which Lewis first screened The Sandwich Nazi, as it happens — and since no further theatrical play was forthcoming, I’m delighted to be able to discuss it here.

Haven’t seen it? I kinda figured. You can catch up to it right now on Vimeo or at the film’s website before you listen to the episode. And you should. It’s great.

And speaking of the episode, you can get it the same way you always get it: Subscribe right now on iTunesGoogle Play oStitcher, or download it straight from the show site. Get on that, and enjoy!

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