Battle of the … Well, Not Titans, Exactly

Are the numbers in? ARE THE NUMBERS IN?The AP was reporting yesterday that this weekend’s box-office numbers are too close to call, with “Clash of the Titans” and “Date Night” fighting it out for the top spot with grosses in the $27 million range.

My entirely unscientific prediction? When the official tallies come in later today, “Clash” will win the weekend; receipts from those premium 3D engagements are sure to push it past “Date Night”, which is only playing in regular-priced 2D.

So, once again, 3D is the salvation of Hollywood. Unless it isn’t.

Meanwhile, the A.V. Club has hit on a particularly great inventory this week, running down 18 characters, real or fictional, that inspired the songs of Warren Zevon — illustrated with clips aplenty. I’ve been listening to Zevon’s catalogue quite a bit lately — inspired by my recent trip to Los Angeles, I guess — so it was a very pleasant surprise to find this on the site this morning.

UPDATE: What do I know? “Date Night” claimed first place with $27.1 million; “Clash of the Titans”, with $26.9 million, came in second. Good old Liz Lemon beat the Kraken after all.