Away Day

It's like they know things, only they really, really don'tLast weekend, I was in Manhattan, surrounded by concrete and steel and progress, and checking my e-mail on my phone every five minutes to be further connected to the world.

Yesterday, I was on a self-sustaining wool farm near Lake Huron. Makes a change, as they say …

… and when I get home, I learn that Ryan Reynolds has landed the role in the “Green Lantern” movie, beating out such contenders as Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake.

First thought: Jared Leto? Jared Leto? Billy Crudup, maybe, but this guy? How’d he even make it to the final tier?

And second: Did no one contact Nathan Fillion? He’d be perfect. And his demo reel was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Away Day”

  1. Indeed…awesome. Thank you for a dose of Nathan Fillionage. Since he won’t actually be Green Lantern, maybe he could be cast as Captain America over in the Marvel universe. He’s my second choice after Brendan Fraser. And yes, Bradley Cooper should definitely play some superhero with humour and disarming charm.

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