Avenger Fight!

Captain America: Civil War is set to dominate the box-office this weekend and there’s no point pretending otherwise. Fortunately, it’s also really good. So that’s nice!

Burning, Burning: I’ll be writing about Hrant Alianak’s heavily symbolic drama in my web column today. It will not be pleasant. UPDATE: So that happened.

Captain America: Civil War: Steve Rogers takes another principled stand in the best Marvel movie since … well, since The Winter Soldier, come to think of it. (It may not have Thor or the Hulk, but it’s also a better Avengers sequel than Age of Ultron.) Let the Russos have the whole universe, they clearly know it inside-out.

Disorder: Alice Winocour’s psychological thriller pits Matthias Schoenaerts against threats both real and imagined. Or … does it? Go see it either way, Schoenaerts is terrific.

Lolo: Rad did not much like Julie Delpy’s latest when he caught it at TIFF, describing it as a weird slapstick comedy about a woman trying to date despite some very inventive interference from her adult son. Am I wrong for thinking that sounds like it might be fun? UPDATE: Not actually opening this week, sorry to get anyone’s hopes up.

The Meddler: Lorene Scafaria follows the underrated Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with a less fantastical mother-daughter piece starring Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne. Our own Susan finds it palatable.

Mothers and Daughters: Susan is unmoved by the week’s other Sarandon picture, a fractured ensemble piece. Well, you can’t win ’em all.

Natasha: I haven’t yet been able to catch up to David Bezmozgis’ drama — an adaptation of his own short-story collection — but Susan recommends it.

The People Garden: Nadia Litz makes her first directorial solo with this elliptical drama about a young woman (Dree Hemingway) looking for her boyfriend in a creepy Japanese forest. You know the one. (Limited run starts next Tuesday at the Lightbox.)

The Rainbow Kid: Glenn liked Kire Paputts’ drama about a lad with Down syndrome (Dylan Harmon) on a quest for a pot of gold; I thought it was a little on the twee side, but I guess it comes by that honestly.

Phew, that’s everything. Well, except for the literally dozens of films screening at Hot Docs and the Toronto Jewish Film Festival this weekend. Go see something, would you?

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