Attention Canadian Distributor People

They're waiting for you, bookersMy cousin Mark’s documentary, “Waiting for Sancho“, just received a very positive review in Variety — very nearly a rave, except for the bit where John Anderson acknowledges that the movie has virtually no commercial prospects.

Fair enough. It really doesn’t have a hope in hell of conquering the box office. But it’s a very unique, very engaging movie, and it’s gratifying to see Anderson have the same response to it that I did.

Mark’s currently taking “Sancho” on a tour of European festivals — next stop, Belfort — and based on the mounting buzz, I think it’s high time for Mongrel or filmswelike or Seville or the newly-founded Evokative — any of our various art-house distributors, really — to think about picking it up for a limited run at the Royal or something.

It’d make a fine double-bill with “Birdsong”, though that might be a little too much austerity and dry wit for even Toronto’s hardiest cineaste.

I am just thinking out loud, you understand. Except with typing.