Attack of the Clones

Collectively, we rather liked I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but the blog appears to be under some kind of electronic assault. We’ve gone from some 300 hits a day to more than 6000, and the server is straining under the traffic, which accounts for all the error messages you’ve endured over the last three days.

Hopefully, the fine folks at Netfirms can figure out a fix, and normal operations will resume soon.

Until then, here’s my latest, epic Sympatico/MSN movies column — a look at the many, many models who’ve attempted the transition to movies.

Nearly 3500 words, this beast runs; I should have submitted it to the New Yorker.

Oh, and “Captivity” flat-out sucks. If you thought “The Scarlet Letter” was Roland Joffe’s lowest point, think again.