As the Dust Settles

These bags of money are not a metaphorThe film festival may be over, but its legacy is all around us: Two TIFF titles tussled over the weekend’s box-office — and when the dust cleared, Ben Affleck’s “The Town” came out on top with a $23.8 million opening. “Easy A”, starring NOW cover girl Emma Stone, opened at #2 with $18.2 million.

The week’s big loser? Why, the mind of M. Night Shyamalan, now that “Devil” has opened a distant third with just $12.6 million. I’m sure Mr. Shyamalan’s mind will find a way to blame someone else for the movie’s failure to win audience’s hearts and minds, though. I mean, it didn’t even make it, really … it just came up with the dopey, dopey idea.

Ah, well. The mind of M. Night Shyamalan has two pictures remaining on that production deal, apparently, so let’s see what it thinks up next.