As the Dust Settles

FOCUS-TRAILER_0Remember when the studios rushed to book all the winning films back in theatres the week after the Oscars, or expanded the runs of the films still playing?

Yeah, they don’t do that any more. Everything’s either out on disc already or coming soon, so instead we’re getting nearly a dozen new openings. I’m feeling like it might be time to play the six-word review game again!

After the Ball: Cinderella plus cross-dressing equals fun, apparently. [Susan]

Ballet 422: Behind the scenes at the dance. [Glenn]

Big News from Grand RockCorner Gas subplot becomes entire movie!

Concerning Violence: Archival documentary captures Africans resisting colonialism. [No review online yet, which is weird]

The Duke of Burgundy: Love is strange. Like, really strange. [Susan]

Elephant Song: Greenwood good. Dolan bad. Film dull.

Focus: A fun caper picture. No lie.

Gett: The Trial of Vivane Amsalem: Divorce, Israeli style — specifically, Orthodox Jewish. [Rad]

Girlhood: Observational French drama finds small truths. [Susan]

The Lazarus Effect: Don’t revive the dead. C’mon. Don’t.

Monsoon: Vacation videos disguised as a documentary.

Playing It CoolThe F Word remade by sociopaths.

And that is that. Sorry, I have a busy day ahead of me …

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