As Promised …

I would like to not be high now… here’s your Friday movie roundup. Shall we?

“Drag Me to Hell”: Sam Raimi returns to horror. Andrew and Jason both enjoyed it; therefore, it’s at the top of my catch-up list when I get back, even though I kind of can’t stand Alison Lohman.

“Easy Virtue”: Fun fact: Stephan Elliott’s Noel Coward adaptation (starring Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Jessica Biel) has been available for viewing all this month on Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment system. Given Deirdre‘s response, that may be the best it can expect.

“Every Little Step”: The making of “A Chorus Line” is chronicled and celebrated in a new documentary from “Year of the Yao” and “So Goes the Nation” directors Adam Del Dio and James D. Stern. Glenn goes for it in a big way; Jason, a little less so.

40 Is the New 20“: I am, and it isn’t. Also, Joey Jeremiah grew up to be a douchebag. Don’t bother.

“Goodbye Solo”: “Chop Shop” director Rahmin Bahrani returns with a drama about a cab driver trying to give his suicidal passenger a reason to live. It’s a clever reversal of Kiarostami’s “Taste of Cherry” … though Rad found it easier to admire than enjoy, and Adam has his own reservations.

“Let Him Be”: Did John Lennon fake his death to live in peaceful retirement in a small Ontario town? No, but wouldn’t it be nice if that were true? Susan thinks so, at least for a little while. (But Paul was the walrus, surely.)

“Mothers & Daughters”: Carl Bessai’s new film. Won’t see it, can’t make me. Janis suffers for my abstention; Jason bravely takes the bullet himself.

Up“: Pixar’s latest. One of the year’s best films. Go and see.

Also, there’s a great new Otto Preminger series starting tonight at Cinematheque Ontario. Go see that, too.

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