Animal Planet

This week on Someone Else’s Movie is the first to be recorded in my shiny new studio … which wasn’t 100% finished at the time. Apologies for the slightly rough audio; the sound should be softer next week.

Still, the conversation is pretty good, as writer-director Trevor Juras (The Interior) brings Werner Herzog’s 2005 documentary Grizzly Man onto the show for a discussion about lifestyle choices, the allure of the wilderness and the risks of surrendering to nature.

Also mauling. We talk about that a lot.

You know where to find it, right? iTunesGoogle Play, Stitcher or straight from the site. So go do that! And thanks for listening.

One thought on “Animal Planet”

  1. Always great when one of your podcasts covers a movie I love. On your discussion about whether it was right to include the information that Treadwell died from a bear attack right at the beginning of the movie, do you think it’s always dishonest to withhold a vital fact until later in a documentary? I’m thinking of my reaction to watching Dear Zachary. I wasn’t familiar with the case despite the fact it would have been in Canadian news at the time. My reaction to it would not have been anywhere near as strong if I had known everything going into it. I already knew it would be a difficult movie to watch emotionally based on its stated topic, but then… Some people might consider that it was deliberately structured in a manipulative manner, I guess, but I found it effective.

    Also, when can we expect a short film of you walking Dexter with running Herzog-like commentary?

    (Armchair psychologist time – everything about Treadwell’s behaviour in the movie made me think bipolar disorder, but that’s just an admittedly unqualified opinion.)

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