Anima And Animus

There are two movies about toys coming to life this weekend. That’s just weird, right?


AnnaLa Femme Nikita, but on shuffle.

Buddy: Good dogs. Good, good, good dogs.

Child’s Play: Chucky’s back! And it doesn’t suck!

Dogman: Garrone’s latest also has good dogs.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir: A magical migrant story. Oh, okay.

Gaza: Doc captures daily life in Palestine. [Susan]

Toy Story 4: Forky shows up, things get weird.

Wild Rose: British underdog drama: Fine but familiar.

Also, Rad reviews the HBO series Years and Years, a tragicomic (but mostly tragic) look at the immediate future from Russell T. Davies which I will probably watch at some point, because I am me.

2 thoughts on “Anima And Animus”

  1. “Forky (left, voiced by Tony Hale) and Woody (Tom Hanks)”

    LOL. You probably didn’t caption the picture with your review, but did someone really think that, in a picture with only two characters in it, one of whom is a spork, we needed directions on which was named Forky?

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