“… and Sharon Stone as Princess Bala”

Jon-Jon Stewart, your life is callingMy latest MSN Movies gallery uses the prestigious voice cast of “Astro Boy” (Cage! Theron! Nighy! Sutherland! … um, Eugene Levy as Stumble-Bot!) to remind readers of other animated features that have employed major names.

I was tempted to assemble the whole list out of DreamWorks titles, in an implicit criticism of that studio’s insistence on building movies around megastars rather than picking the best performer for a given role, but that seemed kind of churlish … and this way, I get to pretend that “Shark Tale” doesn’t exist.

3 thoughts on ““… and Sharon Stone as Princess Bala””

  1. Forgettable, Norm? Transformers: The Movie as forgettable? If there’s one thing that a movie with the audacity to stage a crucial action sequence to the strains of Weird Al’s “Dare to the Stupid” ISN’T, it’s forgettable. 🙂

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