And Nic Cage Will Play “The Cat from Outer Space”

It's a post-traumatic recovery kit -- aromatherapy, Valium, and a flamethrowerThey’ve got to be happy at Disney this weekend: “Race to Witch Mountain” is the number-one movie in North America, pulling in $25 million, easily besting runner-up “Watchmen”. Which couldn’t have been difficult, given that “Watchmen” is rated R and runs fully an hour longer than the Disney picture.

New entries “Last House on the Left” and “Miss March” came in third and tenth, respectively. And “Taken”, the Luc Besson-produced thriller in which Liam Neeson beats up Paris to rescue his daughter, held strong in fourth place — it’s the sleeper of the year, having grossed approximately $126 million in a little over six weeks.

The good news: Liam Neeson is back on top, baby! The bad news: Disney’s probably going to sign him to play the befuddled government agent chasing Zac Efron in a 21st century update of “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”.

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

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