And I’m Supposed to Have the Day Off

… but here I am posting links to my NOW coverage, because I am an honorable sort. So: In this week’s paper, you’ll find me talking to Taylor Kitsch, the star of “John Carter”, which is far more worthy of your attention than the marketing would have you believe; I also roll out my TIFF chats with Ewan McGregor and Lasse Hallstrom, star and director of “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”, a disappointing film made by some very nice people.

Oh, and I also chatted with Robin Smith, the director of programming at the revitalized Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, in the rollup to the theatre’s grand reopening next week. (That doesn’t seem to have made it online yet, but I’ll post the link as soon as it turns up.) And finally, just because I’m conscientious, here’s an interview I did for MSN this week with Miles Teller, who co-stars in Craig Brewer’s “Footloose” remake — newly available on disc — and appears in “Project X”, now playing at a megaplex near you.

There, that’s everything. Now, stop bugging me! I’m on vacation!

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