An Offer of Distraction

Never mind the election, it’s time for another NOW Free Flick Monday! And since it’s the season and all, we’re gonna watch Jamie Lee Curtis run around dodging The Shape in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later!

It’s not an especially good Halloween movie, and in fact it’s been retconned out of existence by David Gordon Green’s 2018 triumph. but it’s got Michelle Williams and Josh Hartnett and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a script doctored by an uncredited Kevin Williamson, and one or two decent jumps. Plus. it’ll take your mind off the existential crisis looming at the ballot box.

Wanna come? Great! Full details are up at our Facebook page, but it’s the same drill as always: Doors open at 6:30pm, the show starts at 7:30pm, the first hundred guests get free popcorn and everybody gets a free movie.

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