Altogether Overloaded

I’ve got kind of a busy day and it’s a massive release week, so it’s time for another round of Six Word Reviews!

Being 17: Techine beats Dolan at own game. [Rad]

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk: Technical experiment produces some awkward results.

The Birdwatcher: Actors do their best. Movie doesn’t.

Bleed For This: Yo, Whiplash! Ever thought about boxing? [Rad]

The Carer: Brian Cox, a lion in winter. [Susan]

The Edge of Seventeen: John Hughes for 2016. Pretty decent.

Elle: Susan didn’t like it. I did.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Don’t need another four of these.

The History of Love: Not screened for press. Oh well.

London Road: Experimental musical makes for thrilling cinema.

Nocturnal Animals: If not for Michael Shannon, pointless.

Eleven movies is too many for one weekend, honestly.

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