Almost There

idris-elba-in-no-good-deed-movie-1As the film festival draws to a close, new movies start creeping back into the conversation — including one that just made its world premiere at TIFF precisely one week ago. Shall we look at them?

Dolphin Tale 2: Yep, they made another one. Same dolphin and everything  Andrew is not impressed.

The Drop: It’s a generic crime drama with a weirdly showy performance from Tom Hardy, but dear god that puppy. DEAR GOD.

Little Terrors:  Andrew wasn’t impressed by Maninder Chana’s drama about a young Pakistani-American (Aarman Kabli) sent to jihadi camp either.

No Good Deed: Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson face off in a home-invasion thriller, I think. Can’t be sure because Sony cancelled all the press screenings for fear of revealing a spectacular twist. Suuuuure they did.

Walking with the Enemy: I know even less about this one than I do about No Good Deed, because we only found out about its existence — and its Toronto release — yesterday. Ben Kingsley is in it. So that’s nice.

I’ve got a Conchord to interview and an Avenger’s directorial debut to see today, and then things get a lot easier. Really looking forward to a good night’s sleep one of these weeks, you know?

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