Almost Like Christmas

1418837928_quvenzhane-wallis-lgQuirk of the schedule: I have seen and reviewed only one of the movies opening this week. I will have many more opinions on Christmas Day, I promise.

Advanced Style: Susan approves of Lina Pliopyte’s look at aging and elderly New York ladies who are dedicated to staying fashion-forward.

Annie: Having really enjoyed what Will Gluck did with Easy A and Friends with Benefits, I am sorry to hear he couldn’t turn the latest adaptation of the Broadway smash into a workable movie. Glenn explains.

Cathedrals of Culture 3D: Six filmmakers (including Wim Wenders and Robert Redford) were tasked with making 3D shorts about the souls of six architectural marvels. Jose deems it worth spending three hours with the glasses.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb: The third go-round for the family franchise finds Ben Stiller taking his waxy friends to London for another adventure. Rad wasn’t having it, though he did enjoy Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot. And really, who wouldn’t?

Song of the Sea: The animators who gave us the lovely, delicate feature The Secret of Kells return with another toon steeped in Irish folklore. Rad had hoped for something a little stronger.

Son of a Gun: Hey, I saw this one! And it’s largely okay, thanks to strong performances from Brenton Thwaites and Ewan McGregor. So that’s nice.

Also, I was supposed to see The Interview last night, but then everything went to hell. I wrote some words about that situation. Quick, read them before North Korea hacks the NOW site.

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