All Hell Breaks Loose

Good morning, Toronto! Welcome to frickin’ July! The weatherfolk are calling for a high of 25 and a humidex of just-lie-down-and-die-already, so hopefully you’re planning to stay indoors and pretend that words like “spring” and “March” still hold any meaning at all.

If you’re too scared to venture outside to pick up the new NOW, here’s what you’ll find from me: A smattering of Cinefranco capsules¬†(with Glenn, of course), a Q&A with Gareth Huw Evans, the very nice man behind “The Raid: Redemption”, and a look at the film component of Canadian Music Week. Oh, and also some straight ¬†reviews, but we’ll get to those tomorrow.

I’m off to New York again on a junkety thing — keep an eye on my Twitter feed for my whereabouts and activities. Back before you know it, unless I run afoul of Occupy Newark or something.

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