All Ahead Full

The 3D head of Eric Bana demands credit for rewriting historyWith a solid $76.5 million opening weekend, J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” is poised to be the “Iron Man” of 2009: A solid critical and commercial hit with major franchise potential. Of course, “Star Trek” already was a franchise, but … well, you know, the whole reboot thing means we’re starting from zero again.

I’m perversely hoping they’ll dispose of the “II” and “III” sequel designations and start using titles that are just slightly to the left of the episodes from which they’ll inevitably be adapted. “The City on the Precipice of Forever”, “Equivalence of Terror”, “Spock’s Cerebellum”, “Thpace Theed” … the possibilities are endless!

And then they can eventually make “The Vengeance of Khan”, which was what “Star Trek II” was supposed to be called in the first place.

See? The particulars might be a little different, but everything eventually ends up exactly where it’s supposed to be.

3 thoughts on “All Ahead Full”

  1. If “Star Trek” is this year’s “Iron Man”, then what does that make “Wolverine”? 🙂

  2. @ cc – “Wolverine” opened big, but it wasn’t a critical favorite. It’s more like this year’s “Incredible Hulk”, I think … big and loud and unnecessary, and in three weeks everyone will have moved past it.

    @ M. — Sacha Baron Cohen. It is written.

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