Ain’t Nobody Laughing, Mike

You see, we're punishing you because you're American, only you're British and Australian, which is what makes it ironicOver at his fine Scanners blog at the Chicago Sun-Times — which I’ve been neglecting to add to the permalinks on this page for months now — Jim Emerson has been running a terrific series of posts considering the politics, efficacy and ramifications of Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games U.S.”.

(Reading Emerson’s Sun-Times review of the remake is probably a good idea before wading into the larger coverage, just so we can all agree that Emerson understands the film and its mission.)

Today’s post starts off with quotes from Adam’s interview with Haneke in Eye and folds in some additional observations from Nick Dawson’s Filmmaker interview with the director. Earlier posts considered the range of responses from American critics, and the fairly unpleasant attitude evident in the film’s marketing.

Obviously, I’m so interested in Emerson’s arguments because he agrees with my own assessment of the film … but it’s also worth reading the comments to his posts for a larger sense of the discussion.

Or, if you’re tired of the whole meta-Haneke thing, you could just read Glenn Kenny’s brave confession of the debilitating personal tic that’s kept him from seeing “10,000 B.C.” over at

Actually, I’m going to insist you read that anyway.

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