Again: Wow

Code monkey rock outI am a secret mash-up fiend. I love the alchemy of the intersection; the point where two separate and individual creative works become a third, unique, thing.

Pop songs are the most popular things to combine, but apparently the new thing on YouTube is something called an AMV — an anime music video, where visuals from Japanese animation are cut to an unrelated song.

Jonathan Coulton, 21st-century troubadour and thwarted entertainer of Toronto, has been made aware of a marvelous fan-crafted AMV for his wonderful nerd-rock standard “Code Monkey”.

It is, in a word, awesome.

And speaking of mash-ups, shouldn’t someone put “Code Monkey” in the telepod with Green Day’s “Basket Case”? That would also be awesome, I think.

Oh, and Paramount is attaching the J.J. Abrams trailer to everything it releases. I saw it in front of a “Hot Rod” sneak last night. Half the audience started buzzing excitedly when the Bad Robot logo appeared at the beginning; one minute and fifty seconds later, the other half was buzzing, too.

1-18-08 seems an awfully long way off.