Again with the Formats

Hey, it's a slow news dayWorking on a piece on true-crime movies for Sympatico/MSN, so I’m kinda busy today, but … hey, remember a few weeks back, when Blu-ray declared the high-def war over,with all of HD-DVD’s base belonging to them?

Well, here’s the latest salvo from the other side: Toshiba has perfected its triple-layer HD-DVD, allowing for a whopping 51GB on a single platter. It’s expected to be ready for replication by the end of the year.

Of course, that assumes HD-DVD will still be a viable product by the end of the year. And this doesn’t point the way to any additional studio support, which would be key to extending the appeal of the format. And, um, it’s still only 1GB more than a dual-layer Blu-ray disc.

So … um … well, it’s nice to have more storage capacity, I guess. But who’s actually using either format for storage?

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