Adapt or Die

I found the swan!Given that “The Guard” is the best thing going this weekend, I figured I’d throw it a little love in my latest MSN Movies gallery, which uses its release as jumping-off point for a run through some other memorable fish-out-of-water cop movies.

Before we get all OCD with each other, please note that the films in question aren’t necessarily buddy-cop movies, and that the character who is out of his element has to be a cop, so “48 HRS.” doesn’t qualify — though its echoes can certainly be felt in at least one of the titles I did pick.

Also, “Die Hard” is not technically a fish-out-of-water sequence, as Mr. Officer John McClane of the New York City Police Department certainly looks confident and capable as he runs around the upper levels of Nakatomi Tower dispatching henchmen. Maybe he’d been taking tactical classes on the side.

4 thoughts on “Adapt or Die”

  1. Your last couple of image galleries haven’t actually turned out to be image galleries. Which makes the “Click on the thumbnails” sentence seem really bizarre.

  2. Yeah, I know — I think our web guys are overtaxed with all the TIFF stuff. I don’t mind them reconfiguring the pieces into list format, but I wish they’d cut the “thumbnails” sentence when they do it …

  3. To add just one to your list, there’s the Ridley Scott/Michael Douglas concoction, Black Rain. I mention this film in part just because I happened to see some of it being filmed when I lived near Osaka at the time, and so it’s imprinted on my memory perhaps more than it should be.

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