Acceptable Substitutes

Yep, the Rob Ford movie comes out this week.

Lie Exposed: Written by Buffy heavy Jeff Kober!

Greed: Coogan and Winterbottom tackle late capitalism.

Onward: Wobbly Pixar fantasy sticks the landing.

Run This Town: It’s not really about Rob Ford. [Rad]

Sorry We Missed You: Ken Loach does his thing. Again.

True Fiction: Writer’s assistant gets in too deep.

The Way BackHoosiers, but with Ben Affleck. Huh. [Rad]

Wendy: J.M. Barries of the Southern Wild?

That’s everything! And really, that’s plenty.


2 thoughts on “Acceptable Substitutes”

  1. I’m not on Twitter, so I follow your tweets here instead, including your link to your NOW magazine article on the ROMs Winnie-ther-Pooh exhibit. I’ve always appreciated your writing style, but every now and then you throw in a perfect phrase that stands out. This time it’s ending with “Now we are six again.” I teared up a little at that.

    I’ve already made plans with my grown-up daughter to go to this for Mother’s Day, although on a day that should be less busy. The Hundred Acre Wood shouldn’t be crowded shoulder-to-shoulder. Too many hiding places for heffalumps and woozles! Tiddly pom.

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