Academy Weekend

British acting royalty, innit

It’s all about the Oscars this week — so much so that I’ve been up since 4:30 am for a round of syndicated CBC hits discussing voter campaigns and Netflix’s unprecedented awards push for Roma.

It starts at 5:45 ET on Metro Morning, and ends around 5:45 PT in Victoria, I think? I don’t know; the light comes on, I just start talking.

In other radio activity, I’ll also be appearing on Day 6 this weekend, relitigating previous Best Picture winners with Rad (and host Brent Banbury); you can listen to it, or even read excerpts from our conversation, here.

And in other Oscar news, you can find my bluffer’s guide to the top ten categories at NOW. And of course I’ll be live-tweeting the ceremonies on Sunday night, because I never learn.

Now, to this week’s releases:

Fighting With My Family: Stephen Merchant made a WWE … comedy?

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: The last one. Really. I cried.

Never Look Away: A fictional Gerhard Richter biopic. Curious. [Jose]

Ramen Shop: Eric Khoo’s latest is sweet, tangy.

There, that’s everything. Oh, except for my conversation with How to Train Your Dragon collaborators Jay Baruchel and Dean DeBlois, which explains how the franchise’s Vikings are secretly Canadian. Which is pretty cool, right?

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