Abandon All Hope

There is no conceivable way this ends wellWe thought we’d do something a little more ambitious with this week’s Sympatico/MSN movie gallery — to tie into the release of “The Cove”, we’re looking at eight similarly activist documentaries.

And yes, I know I left out “Titicut Follies”, which actually led to real change in an American psychiatric institution. But it wasn’t expressly intended as a work of activism — well, no more so than any of Wiseman’s other films — and besides, we covered it last time, so there.

2 thoughts on “Abandon All Hope”

  1. Hey Norm. If you can find a decent, legal, DVD copy of American Dream around, please let me know.

    Also, no mention of Waco: Rules of Engagement? Not a declared activist film, but still has a certain impact…

    Mark B.

  2. Mark, Buena Vista released “American Dream” on disc a few years back — you can find it for a song at Amazon.

    And I did think about “Waco”, and “Paradise Lost” as well … they just didn’t quite make the short list. That’s always a problem with these things — if I included everything I wanted to, the galleries would be so big they’d lose all meaning.

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