A Quiet Week, for a Change

Hey, everybody! It's Kerry Fox!I may not have any new interviews in this week’s issue of NOW — don’t worry, it’s just a quirk of scheduling, there’s plenty of stuff in the pipeline — but I do cover a couple of film festivals. If you’re curious about this year’s editions of the European Union Film Festival or aluCine, well, go learn something!

Also, if you missed the Cooks Source Magazine content-harvesting scandal that broke out on the interwebs earlier this month, it’s been resolved in a rather satisfactory manner. So that’s nice.

Oops, and I almost forgot: New openings at the Lightbox today include the middling TIFF title “The Light Thief” and the disappointing Hot Docs entry The People vs. George Lucas“. There, now you’re covered.

One thought on “A Quiet Week, for a Change”

  1. So I guess Harrison Ford doesn’t shoot George Lucas first before Lucas can re-edit the initial roguishness out of his character? Shame. I’m a purist. Star Wars is not episode 4 and Han shot first!

    And the apple pie scandal…Wow. I’ve always wanted to be a film critic. Can I just copy and paste your stuff. I’ll edit it and you can pay me. ‘Kay?

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