A Momentary Lull

Suit up. Again.Partially because I’m neck-deep in Hot Docs, and partially because the schedule just shook out this way, I don’t have any interviews or features in the new issue of NOW — just reviews, which we’ll discuss tomorrow.

I do have an online Q&A with Matt Harlock, co-director of “American: The Bill Hicks Story”, but that won’t be up until later today or even tomorrow; I’ll link to it as soon as it’s available, of course.

But, hey, does any of this matter? MGM finally figured out a way to finance Bond 23, and within a window of time that allows Daniel Craig to remain viable in the role! I’m betting the title will be something that sounds poetic but winds up being kind of dopey, like “A Tincture of Misery”, and that the villain will be played by … actually, is Vincent Cassel doing anything right now? He’d be perfect.