A Little Distracted

In happier times, before they went to see the 'Pelham' remakeHey, everybody! It’s Friday movie roundup time! Apologies for having seen just a fraction of this week’s releases; between the Worldwide Short Film Festival and the film component of NXNE — about which more next Thursday — I just haven’t made it to that many screenings.

“Away We Go”: Just five months after “Revolutionary Road”, Sam Mendes delivers another tale of couplehood; this one’s a contemporary dramedy sort of thing, with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph playing thinly veiled versions of screenwriters Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida. Susan liked it; Jason did too, though perhaps with less enthusiasm.

“Departures”: Last year’s foreign-language Oscar winner — about a cellist who moves back home to take a job as a mortician — finally lands a theatrical release; Susan calls it one of the year’s best films, though Jason is as underwhelmed as I was. (Really, AMPAS? Y’all liked this calculated life-lessons drama more than “Waltz with Bashir” and “The Class”? For shame.)

Everlasting Moments“: At the press screening for Jan Troell’s latest intimate Swedish drama, Kevin Courrier told me this is Troell’s first feature to rate a Canadian theatrical run since something like 1982; otherwise, it’s all been film festivals and home video. This seems terribly unfair, but you can help buy seeing this at the Bloor and establishing a customer base for the next one.

“Imagine That”: Director Karey Kirkpatrick made “Over the Hedge”; screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon gave us “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. And yet, somehow, this movie features Eddie Murphy pandering to children. I blame the government.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3“: Tony Scott’s utterly unnecessary remake of Joseph Sargent’s 35-year-old thriller demonstrates that not all vintage properties need to be updated to the age of Final Cut Pro. Or maybe they just don’t need to be updated by Tony Scott.

And now back to work …