A Good Friday, Not a Great Friday

Gird your loins, Perseus; Miley Cyrus and Tyler Perry are formidable adversaries ...Holiday or no holiday, it’s a Friday and movies are opening. Once more into the breach, then?

Clash of the Titans“: Louis Leterrier’s remake of the inexplicably beloved 1981 fantasy epic — seriously, have you seen it lately? — throws out the love story and focuses on the monsters, which is pretty much exactly what the property demands.

“Formosa Betrayed”: James Van Der Beek plays a Reagan-era FBI agent who stumbles across U.S. complicity in China’s annexation of Taiwan. No, seriously!

“The Last Song”: The Miley Cyrus machine meets the Nicholas Sparks machine … with entirely predictable results, according to Rad. (Yes, I know it opened Wednesday, but I was distracted.)

Max Manus“: Aksel Hennie gives a complex performance as Norway’s greatest WWII resistance hero in this straight-up espionage thriller — which could have used a little more complexity itself. But it has its moments.

“Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?”: Writer-director-producer-star Perry’s commitment to releasing a new movie every six months is admirable, but now he’s basically just remaking “Couples Retreat”.

“Women Without Men”: A quartet of Iranian women attempt to create a feminist utopia in Shirin Neshat’s adaptation of Shahrnush Parsipur’s allegorical novel. Susan admires its imagery, but can’t overlook its structural problems.

Right, that’s everything. And now to go in search of a proper hot-cross bun …

One thought on “A Good Friday, Not a Great Friday”

  1. Even back in ’81, as a 16 year old rabid sci fi/comic book geek, I really didn’t care Clash of the Titans. I lost the argument with my friends as to which movie to see – Clash or Raiders. They went with Clash, saying Raiders looked stupid.

    To this day they will not admit I was right. And apparently, I’m still not over it.

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